Service specific terms & conditions

This document sets forth the definitions, terms, and conditions with respect to the specific services to which you are subscribed as set forth in your Ordering Document. These definitions, terms, and conditions are incorporated into and are part of your Agreement.

Acceptance, you accept our Terms by clicking “I accept” or registering an Account on the Platform or using the Platform or Our Services, acceptance of quotation and payment of deposit will be taken as acceptance of the Terms of Service below & General Terms and Conditions can be found at Terms & conditions.

1. Use License

The Client agrees to pay Search Meetings Inc for its services at the rates set within the packages section of this agreement or attached quote.

The Client may request in writing or via email for any modifications to the agreed services.

Search Meetings will be provided with reasonable time to comply with the Client's new requirements as well as to adjust the corresponding fees.

1. Cancellation of Contract

  • In an event of contract termination, the client will not be entitled to a refund.
  • All deposits and monies paid by the client shall be forfeited in favour of Search Meetings in the event of pre-termination or cancellation by the Client for any reason before the commencement of the start or during the campaign period.
  • Unpaid services already rendered by Search Meetings during the campaign shall be immediately due and demandable.
  • Upon termination of this agreement, all rights, and obligations of each party under this contract shall cease.
  • Legality rights arising out of a breach of any terms or conditions of this agreement will survive the termination of this contract.
  • The payment obligations under the contract will survive any termination of the agreement if and to the extent any fees have accrued or are otherwise due and owing from the Client to Search Meetings from the date of termination of this agreement.

3. Confidentiality

Search Meetings acknowledges that all information provided by the Client will or may be deemed confidential, proprietary, or affected by competitive sensitivity, and will be treated as confidential, disclosed to employees on a need-to-know basis only. At the Client's written request, Search Meetings will provide all copies of any written information when it no longer requires the information, excluding billing data and documentation. Search Meetings adheres to a strict privacy policy as found here - Privacy policy.

4. Service terms

4.1 Valid Meeting Cancellation Policy. Consultant Hosted Meetings

Parties of the meeting

  • Host - Search Meetings Team
  • Prospect – Buyer, Importer
  • Client - Company Supplier or directly nominated business
  • Facilitator – any 3rd party such as an event organiser in an association of organising meetings on behalf of the company.
  • Translator - Any language translators

Cancelled By Prospect

If a prospective (buyer) cancels a meeting or does not attend a meeting, Search Meetings will reschedule a meeting with the same buyer or a similar prospect. As soon as meeting changed to reschedule status or information received by the prospect on any changes Meeting Host will inform all parties.

Cancelled By Client

  • For the company (or facilitator), a 48 hours’ notice is required for and cancellation or reschedule.
  • If a meeting is cancelled or rescheduled following the stipulated 48-hour window, the full payment for the meeting will be charged and we will not guarantee if the same meeting will be rescheduled or replaced by another prospect.
  • All cancellations on meetings before 48 hours will be rescheduled with the same buyer or a similar prospect based on the client’s and prospects availability.
  • Cancellation will require notice by email, SMS, WhatsApp or by calling the nominated meeting host.
  • Any pre-agreed third-party resources such as translator charges will not be refunded in some cases based on the service provider.

Cancelled By Host

In case due to any reason meetings got cancelled or rescheduled by the host company will be informed at the earliest and replacement meeting will be organized without and additional cost.

5. Prospect Selection Criteria’s Policy

Search Meetings will pre-record a selection criterion of any company of facilitators targeting four prospective areas. These filters include the Geography, Industry (Product and services of interest) and job title pre-agreed with the company. Following the selection of these prospects, a thorough selection process will be applied to further define its requirement to acquire the most matching prospect. Ones these parameters are met unless if there’s a different agreed requirement and meeting rejection or cancellation will be charged in full.

Prospects Selection Is Based on The Following Parameters

  • Registered and currently trading businesses
  • A valid purchase requirement higher than a company MOQ or match serviceability
  • Purchase requirement matching a supplier’s product or service offering
  • C-D Level / Owner / Purchasing decision maker or pre agreed contact role.

6. General Terms

6.1 Code of Conduct

All parties must agree comply with the meeting code of conduct can be found at - Code of conduct

6.2 Fair Use Limitations

The following fair use limitations apply to all users to provide equal opportunities to all clients and to limit and miss use of the service, accounts of the users do not comply with this might be suspended without and prior notice

  • Maximum Open (Pending) meeting requests: 10 any given time (per user)
  • Maximum Meetings per one Purchase requirement: 10 per month

Last Revised: 24th January 2022